Join us for an exciting and fun filled course in Public Speaking and Presenting. This is a once in life time opportunity to Learn the skills, tricks and tips to win over any audience. Our course is highly interactive and promotes student involvement from the Start. This is an introductory course but will get you started on your Journey to become an excellent speaker.


1. Basic Speaking Skills
2. How to prepare your talk and topic
3. Body language and dress code
4. Understanding your audience
5. How to think on your feet
6. Learn to deliver a powerful message in under 2 min
7. Myths & Fears regarding speaking
8. Live Talks performed from day 1
9. Tips and tricks to fast track progress
10. Instant feedback, Instant results

1. Real time Learning in a fun and interactive way.

2. Greater Confidence to Speak up.

3. Ability to delivery quality talks under 2 mins.

4. Be equipped think on your feet.

5. Discover more about yourself.

6. Network with like minded people.

Venues will differ depending on the area where the courses are going to be offered. All venues are Safe with Secure Parking.

Currently our Goodwood classes are held at the Goodwood sports Club

We also offer training at your company after hours, so please contact us for more details.

Our Classes usually  focus on busy professional, so we find evening classes best suits this market.

Class Times: 6:00pm to 10pm and is normally over 2 separate Classes with Each Class 4 hours long with a 30min recess and connection time.

Cost is R1150 Per Student and includes the following

1. Training Manuel

2. Snacks and Drinks during both sessions

3. Stationery for Class

4. Certificate

Each Class will only host 15 Students at time which will allow for individual assessments during class time.

Our key requirement for attending this class is a positive mindset and eagerness to learn. We here to develop you from any level.

1.  Each Student attending must participate in all exercises.

2. Min of 4 talks required in front of class.

3. Fees must be paid in advanced before attending first session.

4. Registration form must be filled in prior to attending.

5. Students must attend both sessions.

6. Certificates will be handed out on the second session.

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